Peter is an INSEAD trained coach and the founder of LEOS, a consulting and coaching company based in Munich, Germany. He has lived and worked on several continents and has coached clients in both a formal and informal role about strategic career decisions.

As coach, he focuses on accompanying managers, expats and dual career couples through transitions.

Before starting LEOS, Peter was Director of Research at FRANdata in the United States where he lived in the Washington, DC area for over 15 years. Peter holds dual German-US citizenship. Prior to FRANdata, Peter worked in marketing and business intelligence for multi-national companies, both in a management function as well as an independent consultant.

The companies he worked for include start-ups, global NGOs (World Bank, Friedrich Naumann Foundation), boutique consulting firms (FRANdata) as well as educational institutions (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Imperial War Museum).

He holds a PhD from European University Viadrina in Germany and an MBA degree from Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

Peter derives his own values and moral compass from what he believes to be the two most important aspects of his Christian faith. First, love your neighbor as yourself which he likes to paraphrase as “come as you are” — there are no judgments. Second, obey Christ, that is, once you have identified the way forward, don’t dwell on the past. Hit your own reset button and then “go”! 

Peter has been married to Sabia since 1991 and has three adult children (more or less). In his spare time, he is a drummer – an earlier career choice that did not quite work out. He also enjoys pretending to be a master chef – a career option Peter probably won’t pursue in earnest.