Entering university or college is an exciting time. It’s often the first experience of independence. You make new friends, possibly live in a new city and have high hopes for the future.

It is also a time of uncertainty — especially for the current cohort that graduates. How will the COVID19 economic slowdown impact career plans: how will I get a job, an internship, am I good enough? How and when will I be independent? Or horror of horrors, will I have to move back in with my parents? In many cases, once exposed to a new environment and new people, students really ask themselves: Who am I? What is it I really want? Why am I doing all this?

I teach students and I have kids at uni. One thing I always tell them is how I envy them the sheer limitless opportunities they have in front of them. What I don’t envy them is the angst — uncertainty, inexperience, many essential questions.

As I teach management courses, I often compare life to a business. You need to have a plan. You need to know why you are doing this. It will never go according to plan but at least you have a road map and you know at which point something got you off track.

Coaching can help students identify detours as what they are: detours and not the end of the road.